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Special Initiatives of the Hawk Mountain Council


Camp Scholarships

The Hawk Mountain Council believes that all youth should have the opportunity to attend camp regardless of their social or economic background.  To that end, the council camping and finance committee has established a Camp Scholarship program to help offset the cost of attending camp.  Applicants are encouraged to find a way to support themselves as much as possible though fundraising and savings.  If they are short, the council is happy to help.  On average, over 200 Scouts receive assistance each year.

Consider making a contribution to the Hawk Mountain Council's Camp Scholarship Fund and help a young man or women attend camp.  

Click on the Personal Management Merit Badge below to make a donation!





Service to At-Risk and Underprivileged Youth

The Hawk Mountain Council is committed to ensuring that all young people have an opportunity to join Scouting, regardless of their circumstances, neighborhood, or cultural or ethnic background.

Youth and families in our local communities are faced with many challenges - high rates of poverty, poor nutrition and physical fitness, single-parent families and high rates of truancy.  These social issues have a profound negative impact on youth as indicated in the following community indicators:

  • Graduation rates below 55% in some schools
  • Obesity rates greater than 34%
  • Violent crime risk greater than twice the national average
  • Robbery risk greater than four times the national average

Scouting, by emphasizing youth leadership, goal setting, citizenship, personal fitness and academic performance can address many of the social concerns of parents and youth in our communities.  We help prepare at-risk and underprivileged youth to be leaders, to accept responsibility and to care about principles and causes beyond their own self-interest.  In addition,  we bring Scouting's benefits to these youth at little or no cost to them or their families.

This special initiative serves over 2,000 young people each year.  

Make a Donation to help our at-risk and underprivileged youth today by clicking on the button below!

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